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Shakira take his own chef to his Latin American tour

Shakira's return to American stages l1 began March with the debut of his tour Pop Festival 2011, which is particularly the inclusion of the personal chef of the Colombian singer as part of the staff of collaborators and assistants.

The interpreter coffee, which is a fan of sweets and chocolate desserts, and appeared in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Colombia and tomorrow will make its debut in Brazilian soil, where it has agreed three concerts.

As enshrined in the DPA, the Colombian included in your tour to your personal chef "will prepare the favorite dishes of Colombia. " "The sweetness is what matters most to Shakira and is in your daily diet, " revealed a businessman was quoted as saying.

However, this did not stop the singer to try different dishes from each country. As recalled, in 2006, Shakira gave a concert in our country and during his visit was surprised by the Peruvian season.

Shakira will perform a concert in Spain on March 25 at the Stade de San Marcos.