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Steven Soderbergh confirms plans to leave the cinema

The director Steven Soderbergh, who won an Oscar for "Traffic" (2000), confirmed their plans to abandon his career as a filmmaker at the conclusion of his two upcoming movies, according to a source said.

Soderbergh justified his withdrawal of cinema because of lack of motivation.

"When you reach a point where you say that 'if I have to go up in that truck I'll find another location to shoot,' then it's time to make way for others," admitted the director of films such as " Erin Brockovich "(2000)," Solaris "(2002) or the saga that began with" Ocean's Eleven "(2001).

"Over the last three years I have been rejecting everything offered to me, so you will not have to Steven Soderbergh around here anymore," he said.

The filmmaker released this year, "Haywire," a thriller with Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas and Ewan McGregor, and "Contagion" science fiction movie with Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Laurence Fishburne, among others.

Before their bye, the director plans to make "Liberace", starring Matt Damon and the remake of "The Man From UNCLE" with George Clooney.

The last film was released by Soderbergh "The Informant!" Which reached the Billboard in 2009 led by Matt Damon