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Tweets celebrity in Japan quake

Well on this occasion I left messages that placed some of the celebrities in their twitter account ..

Here is the list:

Messages on Twitter famous earthquake in Japan:

Nicole Richie: "PRAY FOR JAPAN"
Avril Lavigne: "My thoughts, heart and prayers are with everyone in Japan. This is so sad: (".
Miranda Cosgrove: "Wow I'm sitting in the airport watching the news. My heart goes out to everyone in Japan. # PrayForJapan. "
Perez Hilton: "My prayers are with you"
David Archuleta: "Wow I'm amazed watching the news this morning from Japan, the earthquake and tsunami. Please keep it all in your prayers. "
Hayley Williams: "The thoughts are still with everyone in Japan ... They need our help and support at this time. Let's do our part. "
Tiesto: "My thoughts and prayers are with all the people of Japan today"
Selena Gomez: "Wow, I do not know what to say, Japan. I was there and they were all so wonderful to me. I send all my love, prayers and support. "
Ashley Tisdale: "I am praying for everyone in Japan."
Mady Moore: "Keeping Japan in my thoughts and prayers after the devastating earthquake and tsunami ...."
Joel Madden: "The thoughts and prayers to all my friends in Japan."
Dita Von Tesse: "Sending love and hope for Japan."
Taylor Swift: "I am sending my thoughts, prayers and love to those in Japan who are suffering ...."
Katy Perry: "My prayers are with someone who is affected by the disaster in Japan ... # prayforjapan."
Paris Hilton: "The images in the news are breaking my heart. I am very concerned about everybody in Japan. My thoughts are with you Japan. God bless you all. "
Samantha Ronson: "Shit, I just heard about Japan ... My thoughts and prayers are with all men. Sending love! ".
Anahi: "In shock # prayforjapan"
Kim Kardashian: "We just heard about the great earthquake and tsunami in Japan. My prayers are with everyone in Japan.

If anyone knows of other posts we invite you to share it with us to so inform more people ..

Our Comment: It is good that all the celebrities are united for a good cause .. which is to assist and support our brother country of Japan that went through a very terrible situation .. we are all behind them ..