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Video of Kanye West may cause epilepsy

The video of rapper Kanye West titled "All of the lights" could be censored because their images can be hazardous to the health of some viewers.

Apparently, those responsible for an association of epileptic consider too dangerous for this group.

According to ContactMusic reports, several experts from Cambridge University have confirmed that the video of the West is dangerous for people suffering from photosensitive epilepsy due to repetitive flashes shown in the pictures.

Those responsible for the association of epilepsy have asked British authorities to withdraw the video for television or even YouTube, which so far has exceeded five million visitors.

Depending on the environment, the decision was made after agents of the West were contacted by the British group Epilepsy Action. The charity group has also published a warning to all persons who may be exposed to video.

"We are delighted that our fears have been heard, " the group said.