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Zac Efron much more manly and sexy looking mustache

Actor Zac Efron has struck again with their 'look', mustache makes him look with a more adult definitely away from the teen image I had in 'High School Musical '.

His new interpretation in the film 'Snabba Cash' has required that the actor fattening a bit and let the mustache to give your character a more rough and hard.

Zac Efron walked down the street wearing jeans rolled up and an open-necked sweater, even more surprising was the mustache that begins to hover in your face. Why has decided to let his mustache? Maybe he's trying to open market to aim for more serious roles and leave behind the Disney image.

In recent days Zac's sexuality has been questioned, since according to some media say that the actor was seen holding hands with another man to come to a party.

Last week was seen as part of this new look of Zac, who went to various shops in Soho in New York to renew the closet.