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Justin Bieber singing Britney Spears theme concert

The young singer continues to make headlines, this time he came to sing the theme of 'Princess of Pop', 'Hit me baby one more time'. This occurred during a concert he gave as part of his tour 'My Word.

As expected the hysteria reigned in his thousands of fans, not flinch in not just screaming but applaud. No doubt all that is Justin Bieber is welcomed by his fans.

It is worth mentioning that Bieber has an affair with his colleague Selena, who incidentally has received threats from fans of your partner not to accept this youthful romance, yet both are continuing.

On the other hand, the singer seems to have its responsibilities despite being a superstar in the world of music at a young age. He had to spend the celebration of St. Patrick's nothing less than focused on their studies, undertaken as independent student.