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Kim Kardashian says her is pure and natural beauty

Curves, continuous weight changes and self-confessions that Kardashian has done in their social networking accounts and their reality, has led to several media outlets published rumors about their cosmetic procedures.

So Kardashian wanted to clarify the gossip and said that he can not pay attention to that kind of comment on it.

"The rumors do not bother me at all. I have said that increased their lips, but from little I've had a big mouth, is just looking at the pictures so that they realize. It is really ridiculous. I can not pay attention to this sort of thing, "says the celebrity.

But not only comments on his lips. Recently made ​​a comparison of photographs in which he allegedly had a nose job, something that the actress and model completely denied.

It is best that the beautiful young man throws him around to the back and literally I do not care what people say about me and I will not worry about the rumors now.