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Al Jazeera report on North Korean film school

Below is a report from AL Jazeera on North Korean film students. It seems to be cut off on one side and you may have to double click it to see the whole picture.

They explain a few special problems they have filming there. Shots containing photos of the Dear Leader have to show the entire photo and you can't pan away from the picture. Actors and film students have to always state that their main objective is to bring joy to Kim Jong Il.

They do have a few North Korean movies, or at least clips, available on You Tube. I watched a little bit of a kung fu movie which seemed pretty normal. At least the fight scenes did. Other clips seemed less normal.

Kim Jong Il will be gone before long and good riddance to him. Hopefully the new fellow will be better, but I don't know if he could make radical changes if he wanted to.