Robert Pattinson takes puppy abandoned as traveling companion


Demonstrating his love for animals, the star of 'Twilight Saga', Robert Pattinson, has adopted a stray dog to accompany you every time you stay in hotels.

The British actor has taken him to the puppy after visiting an animal shelter in Louisiana where he has been filming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, and hopes that his new pet to keep you company, and his friends refuse to visit when in remote locations.

'I know it's sad. Many actors have an entourage who are with them as two months. But my friends think they are very selfish ... they tell me 'I'm not part of your entourage, ' said Robert Pattinson.

Actor Edward Cullen added: "That is pretty much why I took the puppy. It is a shelter and he would be sacrificed. I have it from two or three days ago and they held only 10 days. "

Our Comment: We feel good it feels to love for animals and has adopted this puppy .. We wish her much success.

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