Pepsi's Skinny New Look in New York Fashion Week

Soft drink giant Pepsi is being accused of being sexist after unveiling new skinny can to appeal to women. It's been tagged as "taller, sassier drink for beautiful confident women". But Pepsi's skinny new can backfired when people at the New York Fashion Week disapproved it. Many use Twitter to send their message to Pepsi and are threatening to boycott the brand.

They say that the issue here is that Pepsi is comparing "skinny" with celebrating "beautiful, confident women." The New York Daily News said on an article: 'PepsiCo, which also owns chip maker Frito Lay, is betting on the idea that women will be wild to identify with anything "skinny"'.

But PPepsiCo's Jill Beraud defended their new-look can and said
in a press release: "Diet Pepsi has a long history of celebrating women through iconic fashion imagery seen in our infamous and historical campaigns, and we’re proud to continue that tradition as an official sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week."



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