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Pictures of New House Britney Spears

Britney Spears was acting crazy and began to report things like media was running out because it was out of work. This is what artists always say they have a problem, but hey, do not know if it's true or not.

For Britney it seems that was a lie because it just bought a house in Los Angeles for $ 18 million, a sum pretty huge. The site is in the exclusive area of Hidden Hills and is a good way to start on the right foot the arrival of their new album.

It has ten rooms and thirteen bathrooms, which is pretty and has two apartments on the sides to which workers are property and separate spaces for guests. In addition, other things you are a tennis court, a place to make and un-aged wine and a huge dance hall with its own bar.

For the children of Britney is the room-arcade with video games old and newer ones. There are a couple of photos of the property seen from above