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Egypt's President Mubarak Stepping Down

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak finally stepped down on Friday after an 18 day people power revolution. Mubarak handed over power to the military and ended his 30 year rule over Egypt. Vice President Omar Suleiman said on a state television that Mubarak had resigned and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will "run the affairs of the country."

On Thursday, Mubarak addressed the nation that he was delegating authority to Vice President Suleiman but will not be stepping down resulting to
increasing numbers of disappointed protesters on Cairo and in other major cities. Friday night, he stepped down.

Stratfor global intelligence company said in a statement: "Suleiman's statement is the clearest indication thus far that the military has carried out a coup led by Defense Minister Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi.." "Egypt is returning to the 1952 model of ruling the state via a council of army officers. The question now is to what extent the military elite will share power with its civilian counterparts."

What will become of the most populous nation of the Arab world?

Source: www.cnn.com