Father of Miley Cyrus apologizes for speaking ill of Hanna Montana


The father of the teen singer Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, he mea culpa for harsh sentences against the program launched Hannha Montana Disney, which launched the careers of his daughter, but at the same time "destroyed the family" , as referred by Billy Ray.

"My family is the most important thing I have, and we are working together to ensure that our future is stronger and healthier," he told People, while acknowledging that his words were highly critical, but without malice.

After a series of statements made by Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley's father, tells GQ magazine, where family matters and also aired blamed Disney have been the main element that destroyed his family, no longer seem to speak more in public on this issue.

And is that these controversial remarks caused a huge upset at Miley, mostly because his father never came to her and instead spoke to the media.

Just to make amends, Billy Ray gave a final word on this matter to People magazine, which says: "It is very important for me to work on writing my family affairs at this time."

He also said that his recent remarks were "explosives and unintentional", since for him the most important thing is your family, so to ensure work on it to strengthen member ties.

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