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The duo Calle 13 will perform a concert in Venezuela?

to the delight of all his fans and this will occur on October 29 at a presentation of his new album, which is having a great acceptance among fans of all countries. The album is the coming behind me, who's been a great success and his single Fiesta de Locos, which is a crazy song, as good as ever. Calle 13 has many fans in Venezuela, who will be happy with their presence in Venezuela.

This presentation of Calle 13 is a very attractive and important event for the country, especially since presenting their new album, which is something we are looking forward to see live. Calle 13 is a group with great success in Latin America and other parts of the world, because they offer very good songs, such as those that are also included in this new album, which will be a new hit from Calle 13, one more in his long career

Remember the October 29 visit Venezuela live Calle 13, which is one of the most attractive duets this time and is definitely a concert that is eagerly awaited by all fans of Calle Venezuela 13, which are many. Sure to be one of those memorable concerts to enjoy these songs by Calle 13 and whose environment will be like the other major concerts held in Venezuela and sure all your fans will enjoy.