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Lindsay Lohan's father asked the actress to fight for his innocence

Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, is urging the actress to continue fighting the charge on the alleged theft of a jewel, as the singer can be sent to jail.

The Mean Girls star, Lindsay Lohan, pleaded guilty to the charges, she denied stealing a necklace jewelry Kamofie & Company in Venice last month and says it gave the jewel.

His lawyer has expressed interest in resolving the case with prosecutors to reach an agreement, but Superior Court Judge Keith L. Schwartz shot down the possibility on Wednesday, said the actress who will go to prison or yes.
Jewelry Venice, Los Angeles, California accusing the actress of 24 years of having stolen the piece and say they have evidence of this in a video of the actress in his shop on 22 January this year when the necklace disappeared, and a photograph of her days wearing the same.

The actress will appear at the hearing where he pleaded guilty to the charges, but the judge took the opportunity to remind you that it split is also subject to the legal system and ask him not to tempt their fate. After that set bail at $ 20,000 for the crime of theft and another $ 20,000 because it is also charged with contempt of probation imposed in 2007 after driving drunk. If found guilty of theft, LiLo could be sentenced up to three years in prison.

It is not the first time the actress is investigated for theft. In June 2009 her name figured in the list of suspected stolen earrings and a necklace valued at $ 500 thousand dollars and that the actress used for pictures taken for the magazine Elle.