Rihanna celebrated her birthday with Justin Bieber at NBA game


On Saturday February 20 Rihanna turned 23 and while still promoting his new album and his own brand of perfume the beautiful brunette was made in the NBA AllStars match where he also was playing Justin Bieber.

Rihanna's BRIT Award-winning star made a sensational performance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, all within the framework of the annual game of the NBA AllStars. The BRIT Award-winning star took the stage always a sexy outfit to play 'What'sMyName' and 'All Of TheLights' with Kanye West before sitting in the stands ..

And all this within the celebration of his birthday. After his presentation he sat next to Justin Bieber who was lively throughout the night.

- Opinio of us: it seems that they are good friends, both are singers and exelentes people from here I wish you luck and a happy birthday .. Rihanna

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