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Biography for Joe Jonas, one of three Jonas Brothers

Joseph Adam Jonas is the second son of the family Jonas, born on August 15, 1989 in Casa Grande, AZ., To the play like he plays guitar, tambourine and keyboard and is the lead singer no doubt is the most outgoing, owner of an infectious and mischievous humor and some followers is the handsomest of the brothers, likes sports, likes to run and play soccer, is very intelligent and decisive, likes and hence numbers at school her favorite subject is math and in his spare time enjoys playing Monopoly, her favorite color is blue, his favorite food is chicken sandwich with mayonnaise and ice cream with marshmallow chocoalate and his favorite movie is "Dumb and more stupid "comment in an interview that he would have liked to be a comedian and actor Jim Carrey admits is his favorite actor and who is a fan of the movies High School Musical, Joe has participated in several Broadway productions as" La Bohème, "" The Velveteen Rabbit, "and" Oliver "...

Full Name: Joseph adams Jonas.
Date of Birth: August 15, 1989.
Born in: Casa Grande, AZ.
Favorite Color: Blue.
Favorite Food: Chicken Sandwich.
Favorite Song: "Only Hope" by Switchfoot.
Banda Preferida: Copeland and Switchfoot.
Hobbies: Making Movies and Work.
Favorite Actor: Jim Carrey.
Favorite Actress: Natalie Portman.
Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate Marshmallow.
Favorite Movie: "Dumb and Dumber."
Serie Favorita: "Boy Meets World."
Favorite Sport: Wiffel Ball.

"The Joe's favorite animal is the monkey.
"Joe The favorite flavor in the Baby Bop is raspberry.
"The favorite character is Joe cartoon Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life.
"Joe's favorite word is Supercalifragilistic expialidocious
"If Joe could be any animal, would choose to be a fierce lion.
"If Joe had to change his brothers for any celebrity, change to Kevin for Shakira and Nick for Beyonce.
"Joe prefers texting a girl to call her.
"Joe flirts with girls hugging. And the girl realizes that she likes the nice things he says and smiles a lot.
"His favorite board game is Monopoly.
"To be funny, when others ask about his purity ring, he says he is married!
Her acoustic guitar is called La Perla Negra.
"He once drove the tour bus and almost crashed! .
"Joe has an iPhone.
"The most precious possession is his hair Joe (?).
"He loves to run and play soccer.
"It scares Fasile
»Listen to Beethoven before going to sleep some nights.
"In the Chinese horoscope, Joe is snake.
"Your favorite TV program is Boy Meets World.
"His favorite actor is Jim Carrey.
Her favorite actress is Natalie Portman.
"Joe measured 1.78 meters.
"He and Kevin were singers before Jonas Brothers
"Joe does not much like coffee, but enjoys going to Sturbaks and taking some of their specialty drinks.

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