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Cutting videos on You Tube

They may not be troubled teens, but they wish they were

A few years ago I was looking at another blog site. I was able to look for blogs written by people here in my area. So I went through the local ones looking for people I knew.

I seemed to be the only middle aged person blogging. And a very large portion of the teenage bloggers said they were "cutters", people who cut themselves with razors or whatever out of some emotional pain. Hard to believe there were so many of them.

Made me think it was some kind of teen fad or craze, probably triggered by an episode of Oprah.

I did see Larry King discuss it on a show. But he kept referring to his guests' self-injury as "self-abuse". He kept saying it over and over.

So now these kids are posting their "cutting" videos on You Tube. I haven't actually watched any. Maybe I should before commenting on this. But I don't want to see that.

For some time now, I've been telling people to let me know before they do something stupid so I can put it on You Tube. They never do.