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I had a flat tire, but it's okay now

I had a flat tire. I drove around the corner from my house in the morning before I realized it was flat.

I had a compressor with me---this thing you hook up to your tire and plug into your cigarette lighter. You turn it on and it slowly inflates your tire.

I drove to work. The tire stayed inflated but the air was slowly leaking out. I told people that after work, I was going to go have the tire repaired.

They warned me that if the tire was worn out, they would refuse to put it back on the car out of fear that they'd be held liable if I went sliding off the road. They started trying to think of things I could do to avoid having to buy new tires. Did I have a spare?

"I assume so."

They thought maybe I should put it on. Or just jack the car up, take the tire off and roll it to the tire place by itself.

"If the tires are bad, I'll want to buy new ones," I finally told them.

I think I give people the impression that I'm impoverished. Strictly speaking, I may be. I'm not sure.

Anyway, they repaired my tire and made no attempt to sell me new ones.