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Demi Lovato would be going out with Wilmer Valderrama?

After Demi Lovato received rehabilitation for their emotional problems, life smiles again, as well as career comeback now have a new romance with actor Wilmer Valderrama.Perez Venezuela Hilton has said that Lovato, 18, maintains an affair with Valderrama, 31, who shot to fame with the series That 70's Show. The young seem to enjoy conflicting engagements with girls, as was also the boyfriend of actress Lindsay Lohan.
reported E! portal Latino, apparently the presence of the actor has been very positive for the girl, for they saw together before they start their rehabilitation and now it came out, they were seen again very cariƱosos.En last May was when the couple was first seen very close and loving, but at that time Valderrama representative denied this, claiming that they were only "close friends. "

Our comment: Although a little older for her age .. but that's no problem .. Love has no age and if Demi feels good going to be happy .. yet we can not say anything until it clears his friendship or dating.