Justin Bieber resting place 17 th birthday with family


He is constantly working on something, so Justin Bieber will provide free time for his 17th birthday.

The singer of 'One Less Lonely Girl', Justin Bieber, said he prepares for her world tour, so you can not do anything too extravagant.

'I have only about four days, so I'll just rest, because I start my world tour starting on [March 4], so I will prepare myself mentally and just relax, "said Justin Bieber.

'There is no birthday party. I hope my grandparents are here and able to spend some time with them, my grandmother makes the best cheesecake. She made one for me when I turned 13, "Justin told.

Our Comment: It is not necessary a party to celebrate a birthday .. best to be comfortable with the family .. We wish her congratulations to Justin ..

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