Selena Gomez their new song dedicated to all fans


Excited and impatient. This has been declared the singer and actress, Latino, Selena Gomez for the prompt release of his new song, Who Says, due out March 10.

"Of all the songs I've recorded, this is the most significance for me. It is dedicated to all my fans, friends and family. I love you all! "wrote the Disney star in her Facebook account.

Who Says, to be broadcast on the agenda of Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 KIIS FM (USA), is part of the third album from the young star has been linked to the pop idol Justin Bieber.

The subject was directed by Chris Applebaum, also known for having worked with stars Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Hilary Duff.

Our Review: Very good Selena devote their new song to all their fans .. We wish her good luck in his career ..

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