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Barack Obama condemns repression

WASHINGTON - The U.S. president,Obama, yesterday Condemned the forceful repression of demonstrators in Libya and Said the violence "must-stop." In the first public statements made regarding the situation in That country, described as "outrageous and Unacceptable" as much bloodshed as "Threats and orders to fire on peaceful demonstrators." "These actions Violate international standards and common decency", repudiated, and Said the United States is considering "a wide range of options" to pressure Increase Against the Regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Stated That His Country Will Not rule out any "option" Including the unilateral imposition of 'sanctions, in order to end Violence Against opponent's.

"We have joined the international community to speak with one voice (...) Because Doubts That this is not the time for the international community to act together," Clinton Said after meeting with Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio patriot in Washington. However, "everything Can Be put on the table" Negotiations, I said.

"We will look at all possible options to try to end Violence, to try to Influence the Government," I added.

Since the Conflict Began, the U.S. You Repeatedly Recognized That, Contrary To What Happens to country clubs Such as Egypt and Bahrain, Libya not does have great penetration Ability to Influence and negotiate with the president.