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Demi Lovato returned to resume his acting bug as an actress and singer?

The actress and singer has returned to the studio to work on a new musical material after his 10 week stay in rehab.

Demi, who had put a stop to their work as a singer, returns to his work in music.

The young artist was recently seen in a recording studio in Los Angeles at the offices of Hollywood Records.

It seems the singer wants to concentrate for now on the launch of a new album, something that was working before he was three months in rehabilitation.

Last November, Lovato retired from a musical tour and entered rehab to receive treatment for what was described as "physical and emotional issues."

The girl, 18, is trying to return to normal life and try to revive his successful career was interrupted by his recovery.

Demi Lovato's life over the past two years took an unexpected turn to become another of the figures of Disney Channel, maintain a relationship with another pop idol large magnitudes as Joe Jonas, released an album of pop rock that swept Strong sales and suffer emotional problems.

Furthermore, it is clear the return date of the star of Disney "on his TV show''Sonny Among Stars". "Demi is in the midst of recording, but still not know the material of the same

- Our Opinion: Let's hope Demi does well in his career as an actress and she is an excellent person .. We wish her good luck and support