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Kylie Minogue says goodbye to his dream of becoming a mother

Kylie Minogue is a lucky woman, in 2005 he was diagnosed with breast cancer and, after being operated at the end of that year, his recovery was complete. Today, six years later, the disease has not reappeared, and the diva has been able to return to the stage with more strength and vitality that nunca.Pero the other side of the coin is not so cheerful and happy because, due to chemotherapy treatments and medicines to treat their disease, Kylie assumes that his chances of becoming a mother are "practically nonexistent", as she herself has described to The Mail
In this tough and candid interview, the Australian artist recounts excitedly that "I have to be honest and understand that despite everything we've been, probably never to have children" and adds: "I really love being a mother but just I do not think that to happen ever.'s okay. I'm okay and that can not stop me from enjoying my children around. One has to accept the good and bad that happens in life. "
After having to give up her dream of motherhood, Minogue talks about how he changed their lives go through a process so traumatic: "Having a serious disease teaches you a lot about yourself. One important thing that I have given mind is that whatever happens in the end one is always being the same person. You may be reduced almost to zero but you can overcome anything and emerge stronger, you get to feel more than ever. "

Our Comment: It is sad that she's going through it .. a child is very beautiful in this life. We wish her good luck to Kylie