Justin Bieber gave a lock of hair to Ellen DeGeneres


Justin Bieber's hair is causing a sensation. In the last program of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show 'young singer appeared mysterious fashion, approached the driver saying he would keep his promise and took a chest containing strands of her hair.

"I want to do something, I'm giving boxes like this to several people," said Justin to which Ellen replied, "then I am not the only one?, I asked you for a long time." Seen in trouble, the singer of 'Baby' replied "I know, but I do it to achieve something special, I want to use it for any charity, the one you want."

At the end of the show, Ellen placed the chest in an auction through its website and the response from fans was immediate. "My hair Justin Bieber was placed on Ebay an hour ago and the auction and $ 10 000 mark!" Wrote Ellen DeGeneres on her Twitter account.

As promised, the blonde driver will donate 100% of the proceeds from the auction of the hair to an association llamada'The Gentle Barn ', a shelter for abused and abandoned animals, with programs for children to develop their links with nature .

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