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The most violent play I've ever seen

Plays aren't really known for being violent, of course

Since I mentioned Justin Bieber, young actors and movie violence, I thought I'd mention the most shockingly violent play I've ever seen.

I saw it in the fourth grade. It was performed by the first and second grade classes, and they had written the play themselves, although I'm not sure how that worked.

The play was about a king. He wanted a husband for his daughter. And he felt the best way to find her a husband was to have all of her potential husbands fight to the death.

So, they had the big sword fighting scene. A narrator explained that half the men were killed in the first round. They were carrying corpses off the stage. Then they killed some more.

In the end, there are two guys left alive. They fight. The guy who wins the fight refuses to finish off his opponent. The king wants to have him killed, but the princess stops him. She announces that he is the one she will marry.

If you're going to marry a stranger, I guess it does make sense to marry the one who hasn't killed anybody.

I was little surprised by the violence. It didn't surprise me that first and second graders wrote it, but it surprised me that their teachers let them perform it.