Beyonce and Rihanna, possible actors in the remake of "The Bodyguard"


Hollywood prepares the remake of the Bodyguard (The Bodyguard) and the names of Rihanna and Beyonce sound strong when players apply. The 1992 film that starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston will return to the big screen and look for the star of this new version can sing and act at the level of Houston, not for nothing that the film earned Oscar nominations February 2 the best band sound, both for best song (I Have Nothing and Run to You).

"Beyoncé is already established as an actress and this is now clear favorite for the role, but it depends on if they want to go for someone younger like Rihanna, 'said a source close to production.

Some points of the original story will be changed to make the most current film, The Hollywood Reporter reported. While the general argument is the same (the love story between a successful singer whose life is threatened by a crazy fan and his bodyguard), it now appears that the diva's bodyguard is a veteran of the Iraq war retired service.

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